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Opening Inline Bob at the Nürburgring now.

Hello and a nice day everyone.

INLINE BOB RACING is entertainment by the finest. Look the info`s on the website under INLINE BOB TV

There are how Inline Bob works. Some questions more call me under 0049 172 655 3045 Hugo is on the Phone now.

Enjoy your holidays, good weather, when you need us , we are here to serve you  for  on unforgettable hours.

Let`s  race together.


Booking by Lindner Ferien-Park Drees on the Nürburgring.


Lindner Plakat


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English visitors ProWinter 2016 Bolzano / Italy

Thank you for your visit , and interest in our inline Bob Sport System on the PROWINTER exhibition in Bolzano in 2016.
The interest of the visitors in the rental business was very big worldwide.

I have the honor to submit our offer for you:

The minimum order is 10 Inline Bobs.
The package includes the following products in order to successfully operate inline Bob. Future.

10 Inline Bob with stainless steel frame made of steel 1. 4301 with 20 years warranty. Each 5 Bobs receive a Ral color.
10 helmets, 10 Protectors for arm & knee joints, 10 special skates for
Switch for use in their own shoes. 10 shots to the Bob`s with
transporting tow or chair lifts. (Or mobile towing system
Vehicles of all kinds. 10 Stackable seat tonnes). Optional there are short skis for switch for winter operation. 30 Route hat made of plastic for routes Deco.
The Bob is equipped with the best components for a long Life. Only the very best material giving to buy it been used on Inline Bob. We are proud our product.Also we supply our coustomers with exclusive Inline Bob merchandise article.

The Inline Bob Sports System has the Price of 40.000. € plus 19% VAT Tax
The delivery time is about 3 months. In order to be 50% down payment from the purchase award due. 5 days prior to delivery to the remaining 50%. The Shipping
costs are charged separately.

We would be pleased to welcome you as a new customer.

Best regards
I.A. Hugo Weinheimer

Inline Bob Sports System for Racing & Tourism Entertainment


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